5 “Garnachas” You Should Try In México

One of the foods that should never be missing from a good Mexican menu is the garnachas, so every good tourist should try on your visit to Mexico this typical dish so characteristic of this country. In any state of the Mexican Republic, you will be able to delight with all the variants that exist of this food. From north to south, each region adopts a different style to combine with its traditional dishes and make these the best fusion of flavors that will captivate even the most demanding tastes.

In this small article, we will recommend five garnachas that should never be missing from your menu. You could say they are the most popular, so take note…


Depending on where you are will be the gordita that we recommend you try and is that their extensive flavors depend on where you are. This dish is definitely a Mexican antojito that should never miss in holidays and any street stall.

If we had to describe this dish, we could tell you that it is a piece of dough fried in butter that, at the moment of taking them out of the comal, fill them with the stew of your choice. But we recommend you try the chubby pressed pork rinds. Once stuffed with the stew, it can be accompanied by a layer of lettuce, grated cheese, cream, and of course, an excellent Mexican dish should never lack a tasty spicy sauce.


This exquisite dish, like gorditas, is made from dough, but compared to the previous plate, this food is not fried but goes directly on the comal. The characteristic of this food is that the surroundings are raised so that the filling can not fall as the surface is flat. The mixture can be any stew, but the traditional sopes are made with a layer of beans, grated cheese, and a touch of the best sauce. This dish can be found in many Mexican restaurants.

Tacos Dorados

It is a taco that, as its name says, is golden to give the best flavor to our dish. The tacos can be filled with potatoes, chicken, shredded meat, or beans, although the traditional ones are chicken and meat. These are accompanied by a very generous layer of lettuce, grated cheese, cream, and salsa. There is also a variant that is known as flautas; the difference between these two is that the flautas are longer.


It is another exquisite Mexican popular antojito based on corn dough that, thanks to its shape, is known by this name. Its elongated surface, similar to a huarache, allows for various foods to be placed on top. The traditional huarache is prepared with refried beans, cheese, sauce, and onion; in some places, it is also made with other stews; of course, it depends on the location. This dish is ideal for those who have a great appetite.


Definitely, in all the regions of the Mexican country, it is possible to find this rich dish. In some places, they are offered not only with cheese but also with other ingredients.

If you want to taste the authentic flavor of these garnachas, we recommend you to try them in the street stalls or in those traditional businesses that are characterized by the exquisite seasoning they have, such as in fondas.

Regardless of where you go, be it the south of the country, the center, or in the north, it is always good to try this type of Mexican appetizers. If you are a tourist, we recommend that you stay close to establishments where these dishes are sold, such as Rocky Point México hotels.