6 Ideal Foods For Healthy Teeth

To include certain foods and to leave aside some others can be an excellent option to be able to avoid certain diseases that originate in the oral zone. A diet based on products that help to keep the area healthy, can be an ideal complement for those who already suffer from a disease, in the same way, can help those who have dental implants Tijuana.


It is one of the most recommended foods within a diet and is that their nutritional contributions are ideal for preventing various diseases that are related to dental problems. The vitamins provided by oily fish, such as salmon or sardines, allow for proper absorption of calcium so that it will favor the strengthening of teeth. On the other hand, containing Omega 3, it strengthens the neurons and keeps the heart in good condition. Remember that there is a close relationship between dental diseases and heart problems. It is recommended that oily fish be included in the diet at least three times a week.

Citrus fruit

If there is one thing that characterizes these fruits is their high vitamin C content. This nutrient specializes in the production of collagen, so it is ideal for maintaining perfect condition specific structures of the body. One of these structures is the gums, and, in the absence of vitamin C, people can suffer problems such as withdrawn gums, thus damaging the entire oral cavity. Fruits such as mandarin, orange, or kiwi can be consumed. On the other hand, by consuming these fruits, it is possible to obtain other vital nutrients for the organism. The consumption of these products must be at least two times a day.


Like fruits such as kiwi, they have vitamin C. Still, its main contribution to oral health is its element called Xylitol, which fights bacteria that cause dental plaque. It is a perfect ally to eliminate bacterial plaque and, therefore, dental tartar.  It also improves circulation making it ideal for those suffering from gum problems. It is recommended that its consumption be natural and sugar-free as sugar can cause cavities so that it would be contradictory.


Celery is a perfect ally to combat stains and eliminate bacteria that are deposited on the teeth, thanks to the fact that it contains malic acid. As well as other vegetables, its consumption must be raw so that there can be a correct absorption of the nutritional properties. It can be combined in salads.


As crazy as it sounds, this drink contains nutritional elements that help keep teeth healthy. By providing hops, it is possible to eliminate bacteria and fungi that can affect oral health. Recent research has determined that the consumption of light beer is better as it contains higher percentages of hops. The use of this drink must be moderate so as not to cause problems in the body.

Dairy products

Thanks to the fact that dairy products have high percentages of calcium, it is essential to include them in the diet; if necessary, it is better to opt for those that are low in fat. It is also recommended that people ingest at least one yogurt a day to provide themselves with lactobacilli that allow them to eliminate malignant bacteria from the mouth and different parts of the body.