A Country Of Gastronomic Richness

Without a doubt, Mexico is one of the countries with the most significant culture in all of Latin America; it could be said that even in the whole world. Its extensive cultural roots and the diverse peoples that compose it have made its gastronomy the fusion of various flavors and textures.  The vast geography of Mexico causes the regions that produce it to elaborate and take advantage of its qualities to make dishes that characterize its state. This is why the country is distinguished from many others by its wide variety of dishes, which are the combination of ancestral peoples with the current ones. Every corner of this beautiful country has its typical dishes, which is the best representation of the place where they are found. This is how all the locations of the cardinal points have their traditional dishes, cooked only in those specific points.

If something characterizes Mexican food is that with only one ingredient can be used to make various dishes. Definitely, the elements that the antecedents used for their meals are currently used in the food, as is the chili, corn, and beans. If we travel through the southern part of the territory, we can discover that in this area is common to use pork and turkey as the main ingredient for various of their meals. The fields next to rivers or seas will be experts in the preparation of dishes based on fish and seafood. So if you as a tourist want to try food based on these products, you could stay in one of the Rocky Point Mexico hotels to enjoy this type of food. The northern part of the country is characterized by its seafood meals, depending on the part of the North where you are. 

They say that to know a place you have to turn to see its gastronomy, and they are not wrong at all. If we wanted to know all the dishes of extensive Mexico, we would need a lifetime to be able to do, because it is so varied that it would be impossible to do. Earlier it was mentioned that each part of the territory has its own dishes, but this also happens with the typical traditions of the country. Each important date is singularized by having specific meals. Such is the case of the beautiful tradition of Día de Muertos, where bread with that name is made, which is only made by the dates of October and November. Another date is in January, where the Rosca de Reyes is made.

Definitely, the food is a matter of pride and joy for each Mexican, because we know that with each dish, we can capture a little about their customs and traditions. Every celebration, no matter how small or large, will always be accompanied by the best dishes, especially those typical.

The variety of foods has made that different chefs and experts in the area feel captivated by the Mexican territory. Many times they visit the country to learn a little about the preparation of certain foods for later use in different parts of the world, therefore, if you want to go to a place where you can delight your palate with different flavors, definitely the best option is Mexico.