Discover The 5 Best Places To Eat In Rosarito

On your next visit to Rosarito, we want to recommend some of the best restaurants so you can enjoy a delicious meal with the flavor that so characterizes this part of the state of Baja California. So, if you are interested, pay attention and add these sites within the following places to visit. Let’s get started!

Half Way House/ Medio Camino

Known by this name because it is located halfway from Tijuana to Ensenada, this house-like restaurant is one of the most recommended places by locals and many tourists. Half Way House was the first cantina to be established between the border and the city of Ensenada, which is a space full of history and memories. Although the purpose of this place was to be a cantina, today it is a very well known restaurant that offers different dishes for all tastes. The chef at Half Way House/ Medio Camino can cook anything from lobsters to mole, quite a variety of dishes. Visit this restaurant is travel into the past.

Encanto Restaurante

It is undoubtedly other restaurants that should not be missing from this list and is that Encanto Restaurante is a space that not only offers delicious food but also provides an atmosphere that you will fall in love with. The service they offer, the fresh ingredients that each dish is made with, the dedication and design, make it the ideal place to eat with the whole family. This restaurant is located on the Rosarito-Ensenada highway, within the menu, it is possible to order dishes such as shrimp in aguachile, ceviche tostadas, among other dishes. Because it’s close to the coast, it has a spectacular view, making it even more attractive to tourists and locals.

El Nido

This is another one of Rosarito’s most traditional restaurants. El Nido is a space that is characterized by the design of the establishment and is that, both on the facade and inside the restaurant, you can see antiques and plants everywhere. This space opened its doors in 1971, and some of the dishes that stand out are the various cuts of meat and eccentric foods such as venison, buffalo, and rabbit, among others. Currently, El Nido launched their proposal to make their wine, so they are working on it every day.

Los Pelicanos

This restaurant in Los Pelicanos belongs to the famous hotel of the same name. This is a space that offers many dishes but also provides tranquility, which is one of the factors why people attend this space. The decoration of this restaurant focuses on unique styles mixed with touches of Mexican decoration. This space can be rented for events since its terrace that has a view of the sea is a powerful attraction.

Roble de Raíz a la Mesa

If your thing is more of a cozy space, you can opt for this space. Inside Roble de Raíz you will be able to enjoy a good coffee and food which accompany the drink quite well. The team that works here is trained enough to offer you the best of drinks. Roble de Raíz is an excellent option to comment on a tour around Rosarito or to be in the space of tranquility and comfort.

Although these are some of the most typical restaurants in this municipality of Baja California, many others also offer delicious dishes. You can look for a house for rent in Rosarito, or also many older people look for assisted living Mexico in places near to Rosarito so they can enjoy more of this beautiful place.