Everything You Need To Know About Beer

Beer is one of people’s favourite drinks and although many do not know it, the brewing process is quite complex and interesting. For all beer lovers there are different beer tours where you can learn all about the process of making beer and can go through a San Diego car service, which can take them without any problem to enjoy this tour and taste the different beers that exist and above all, learn more about its process. In order to do so, it is necessary that you first know the essential aspects of beer brewing, which we will present to you below. 


Malt is one of the most important cereals in the brewing process, because through the process of malting barley grains is obtained enzymes that convert starch into sugar. 


The hop is also very important in the process, because it is responsible for stabilizing the foam, the shape of this plant gives bitterness to the drink. 


That’s right, water is used to make beer, it is added when mixed with malt and is also used for filtration. The water of each region is different and therefore it has a great influence on the taste of the beer, although it does not seem so, because a beer is composed of 85% to 92% of water.


The yeast is formed by unicellular fungi that ferment carbohydrates and amino acids of cereals, thus converting them into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. 


The grits are the ingredients that are responsible for stabilizing and softening the flavor, some examples of these are wheat, oats and corn. 


This can be included during boiling to increase the amount of alcohol or to dilute it as well. 

These are just some of the main ingredients that should be counted in the process of brewing beer, besides this is also important the subsequent process, the ideal way to serve a beer is the one that does not accumulate so much foam and for it is necessary to incline the jar at an angle of 45 degrees to serve and go lifting as it is filled. 

Unlike what may be thought that beer is harmful to the body, it has more protein and vitamin B than other beverages such as wine, in addition to also has important minerals that are essential for the body to carry out different metabolic processes. In fact it is advisable to drink a glass of beer a day, several studies have shown that it can be good for health. 

So now you know a little more about this drink so well known and loved by many, do not forget that visiting a beer tour is an excellent recreational and educational activity, know more about this wonderful drink that you enjoy so much.