Foods That Can Help You Look Younger

Although indeed, aesthetic treatments, plastic surgery Tijuana, and skincare products help to make skin look young, the truth is that these elements can be considered secondary when it comes to keeping the skin of the face and the whole body in perfect condition. The main ingredient to achieve radiant and youthful skin is food because changes and care should be managed externally and internally. 

The skin is like a mirror that reflects our feed, so if a person does not take care of the food they eat, it will be revealed 100% in the skin. And no matter what treatments are used, there will be no significant changes. That is why food is essential to regenerate the state of the skin, nourishing it with vitamins and minerals that will make a noticeable change in its appearance and condition.

Reaffirming foods

One of the characteristics of a tired and older skin is that it presents parts where the firmness of the skin is lost. To be able to fight this sign, there must be the consumption of products that offer a high percentage of components such as collagen and elastin. These two elements are responsible for keeping the skin in place, preventing the skin from looking flabby. That is why it is essential that, within our diet, we always add foods rich in these proteins to avoid flaccidity and increase the potential of the cosmetic products we use in our beauty routine.

Some foods rich in reaffirming proteins are:

  • Meat, especially white meat, because it contains a low percentage of saturated fat.
  • Skimmed dairy products
  • Legumes

Hydrating and antioxidant vitamins

Another characteristic sign of skin that needs internal care is the lack of moisture in the skin. This lack of hydration makes the skin look withered, rough, and there are pigmentations. To avoid this, there must be a consumption of foods rich in vitamin A, which allow the cells of the skin to regenerate correctly, and there is no oxidation process. On the other hand, foods rich in beta-carotene will enable the skin to be adequately hydrated internally.

We recommend the consumption of foods such as:

  • Yellow or orange vegetables, such as certain citrus fruits and carrots.
  • Dairy products and eggs are also a source of vitamin A.

Foods with anti-wrinkle effect

One of the things that can cause most trouble a person is the presence of wrinkles, which will inevitably be present due to gesticulation and the loss of nutrients in the skin. Although it’s something that eventually all skin will have, a diet that contains sources of vitamin C will help make these less noticeable. Individuals who consume almost no vitamin C are more likely to have more wrinkles, even at a young age. To fade the lines, it is necessary to eat the right products and get a beauty routine based on treating the wrinkles.

We recommend that within the feeding there are products like:

  • Citrus fruits- kiwi, pineapple, orange, among others.

For the best results, it is necessary to involve vegetables and fruits in the food portions. These two components will help nourish and enrich the skin to look more youthful. On the other hand, certain habits should be stopped, such as smoking, excessive consumption of bad fats, and sugars.