Foods That Cause Cavities

When it comes to dental health there is one thing we have to avoid at all costs and that is the formation of cavities. Cavities are the destruction of tooth tissues and is caused by the presence of certain acids that are produced by bacteria from plaque deposited on dental surfaces. This problem in the teeth is caused by our lifestyle, this means that what causes it is the hygiene habits that we have, in addition to the sugar present in certain types of food, since many of them have a certain tendency to cause cavities, more than others, so we must be careful not to abuse this type of food and consume them as little as possible. The formation of cavities is much more common in children than in adults and this is due to foods rich in sugars, called cariogenic

Some of the main foods that can cause cavities are the following:

Sticky candies such as gummies are the main candies that cause cavities, especially in small children, who are the most likely to consume this type of candy and this is because they are sticky, they usually stick to the teeth and if they do not brush well is when they can cause cavities. 

French fries in bags are another fairly common food that can cause cavities because they are rich in starch and this what it does is feed the plaque that is in our mouth and can cause serious problems in the teeth.

Soft drinks and all sugary drinks, many people think that only foods that can be chewed can cause cavities, however this is not the case, many foods in drink can also cause cavities, especially if they contain large amounts of sugar, such as this type of drinks. 

Ice creams and chocolates, as we can see the sugar is the main enemy of our teeth, this can cause quite serious damage to cause cavities and in the worst case a person may need a Root canal in Tijuana or may even lose their teeth. 

As we can see the main enemy of our teeth is sugar, so we need to take care and avoid consuming food containing large amounts of this, so we will be protecting ourselves a little from the big problem that can be to have cavities. Something that not many people know is that apples can help greatly with the self-cleaning of teeth, for this reason many dentists recommend consuming at least once a day an apple, of course it must be clarified that this does not completely replace the dental cleaning, also must maintain a good brushing, in order to avoid problems. 

As long as we maintain a good diet and take care of our dental hygiene we can be sure that we will not have any problem with cavities, although we should not stop visiting the dentist at least once a year to prevent other problems arise and to be sure that we are having the best care of our teeth.