Foods That Help Us In Our Oral Health

Many periodontal diseases are associated with the type of food we consume; this is because of the high percentages in sugar, acids and certain elements that make up the food damage the dental structure, damaging the entire oral cavity.

One of the most frequent problems due to poor nutrition and poor hygiene are cavities, where the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the teeth damage the protection that the teeth have. The loss or diminution of this protection generates that the bacteria accumulate more quickly, eroding the structure of the tooth. Foods high in sugar, especially those that are sticky, are more dangerous because they attract bacteria more easily.

The frequency with which these types of elements are consumed is an essential key to determine how severe decay can be. It has also been determined that the hours in which less amount of saliva is produced may aggravate this problem since saliva helps to protect the tooth enamel so that the bacteria don’t have direct contact with the teeth.

Not only food can harm the health of the oral cavity; drinks such as juices, sodas, or liquids that contain high percentages are a factor to eliminate in our diet.

Nutrition can help significantly in the period of dental growth. At an approximate age of 12 years is when, biologically, there are no more loss of teeth, so in the process of growth is necessary to eat foods that fortify the teeth.

Basically, the elimination of sugar significantly improves oral health, but there are certain foods that will benefit in combating diseases found in the oral cavity. Another illness that we can combat or reduce its symptoms through food is the:

Gingivitis: Inflammation of the gums that can cause constant bleeding and hypersensitivity and if not treated in time can cause tooth loss so the person will have to search for dental restorations in Tijuana.

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is very important since they are a source of fiber, and this allows to fight the bacteria found in the mouth and improves the immune system. Many of the foods that we must incorporate to our routine will help us to eliminate bacteria.

The cereals, due to their rich components in vitamins and minerals, reinforce the dental structure and eliminate the bacterial plaque of the mouth.

A component that is essential to add, especially if there are problems with the gums, is the Omega-3 that we can find in fish, especially salmon, sardine and tuna, the omega-3 decreases bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

On the other side, milky products are an excellent source of calcium and let’s remember that teeth are made of this mineral. 

Another thing to emphasize is that we must avoid those drinks that can stain our teeth, such as coffee. Excessive consumption of this drink can cause a progressive change in the color of our teeth, so it is essential to balance their intake. It is also recommended not to consume food and beverages at very high temperatures as they can affect our oral cavity, and if the person has hypersensitivity is important to avoid cold drinks and excessively hot.