Foods That You Need To Include In Christmas Meal

Just as there are also harmful foods that we eat at Christmas, there are also some beneficial dishes that we must introduce on our Christmas menu. This, to compensate for everything that, in a certain way, damages the health of our teeth. The Christmas dishes are usually very greasy and full of high percentages of sugar; these two elements are the perfect combination for the presence of bacteria that cause tooth decay and damage to tooth enamel. Although many believe that these two problems are not severe, if not treated in time, they can lead to periodontitis, which would lead to the person undergoing dental implants in Tijuana.

To avoid significant damage to our teeth, it is essential that within our Christmas dinner, we take into account certain products such as:

Turkey: It is definitely one of the dishes that are rarely missing at dinner, and there are good reasons for it always to be present. This bird is characterized by low levels of bad fat, which prevents damage to the arteries. Saturated fat, i.e., bad fat, tends to stagnate within the blood supply pathways. The problem with this is that they can make it hard to pump blood and can deposit in the arteries of the heart. Excess fat causes cardiac arrest. On the other hand, turkey contains essential vitamins and minerals found in vital structures such as bones and teeth, so its consumption helps to obtain these nutrients.

Nuts: Another food that is beneficial for the health of our body is nuts. Like almonds and peanuts, these products contain high percentages of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and potassium. It is recommended that their consumption be raw because when prepared in the stew can lose all its nutrients. It is recommended that around ten nuts are consumed per day, as it not only helps to improve the strength of our teeth, but it is also an ideal food to keep the brain in good condition.

Cheese: Being a dairy product, they contain high levels of calcium. This mineral is essential for the formation of teeth, so it is a product that should never be missing in children. Speaking specifically of cheese, this dairy food produces in the saliva a change in the PH, taking it to an alkaline state. This allows the levels of acid produced in the saliva to be controlled; these patients can damage the protection of the teeth. It is recommended to eat them raw and opt for low-fat cheeses.

Vegetables: Vegetables are characterized by the vitamins and minerals they contain, but the common mistake is to cook them in the oven. It is a mistake since, at high temperatures, they lose their beneficial properties and modify their acidity state. By increasing the acidity, they significantly damage the teeth. Therefore, they should be eaten raw or steamed, so that they continue to retain their nutrients. Being an excellent source of nutrients, they help the absorption of essential minerals such as calcium.

Tubers: We must highlight the sweet potato and is that having vitamin A helps prevent problems such as dry mouth. If there is any injury in the oral cavity, it allows the rapid regeneration of tissues. This vitamin also promotes the formation of dental enamel.