Soft Foods Diet

There can be many reasons why a person may opt for a soft diet; it could be because of stomach problems or dental implants Tijuana. Regardless of the reason a person decides to go on this type of food, it is necessary to know which products can be consumed and which cannot.

The egg white

If there are problems with chewing or the stomach is struggling, egg whites are ideal for not overloading these two areas. Besides, the egg contains many elements that are very beneficial to the body. This product provides the body with various vitamins, some of which are vitamin D, B12, A, and B2, as well as minerals such as zinc and phosphorus. The egg component allows the muscles to regenerate, and thanks to the antioxidants it provides, it is possible to prevent cell death.

There are many options in which you can eat the egg white, you can accompany it with vegetables, with toast or in any other way. There are already brands on the market that sell only the whites, so it is a great option not to buy the whole egg.

Roasted fruit

Since the diet is based on soft foods, the consumption of the grains must be in the form of roasted or cooked. In this mode, all the nutrients available in fruit will not be neglected. When a person suffers from diarrhea, the consumption of these elements at a slight degree of oxidation generates the production of tannins, which help to cut this problem. Although it may sound a little strange to consume the fruit in this type of presentation, you can start with the baked apple or in a compote. This way, you will help your stomach to feel good and chew more comfortably.

Liquid-based foods

When a person has illnesses in the stomach or difficulties in biting, there must be a lot of intake of drinks, mainly natural water and infusions. As for food, you can choose a chicken broth which is accompanied by vegetables and legumes such as chickpeas or rice. About the infusions, you can drink teas of different elements, depending on what the discomfort is. Finally, let us remember that water allows the body to stay hydrated for its proper functioning.

Slow absorption hydrates

Although these hydrates are well known to people who want to lose weight because more energy is needed to break down this type of carbohydrate. They are also ideal for those who have stomach pains as bacteria are formed that improve metabolism. You can choose vegetables such as broccoli, artichokes, garlic, onion, for fruits such as bananas, pears, or plums. Seeds are also an excellent source of carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed so that you can choose from walnuts, pistachios, almonds, or sunflower seeds. It is essential to avoid whole grains.

Finally, you need to avoid spicy or highly seasoned foods, especially if there are problems with your stomach. Consider that all dishes are at a warm temperature so that the teeth are not affected, and there are no burns and try to chew as often as necessary because this saves the stomach work.