What Defines the Best French Bakery Austin, TX has on the Map

French bakeries offer something for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a sweet treat for a breakfast in bed celebration, a dessert spot to enjoy after a day of shopping, or you are looking for a great espresso and a small dessert over a casual get together with friends, French bakeries are ideal, but finding the best one in Austin, TX is going to be your ultimate goal. That said, this article will help people know what to look for in their search for the best French bakery Austin, TX has to offer that will delight the senses and convey the full French experience.

Find a True Patisserie that Makes Pastries In-House

The best French Bakery Austin offers will have a pastry chef and not some inventory manager who orders pastries from suppliers. You want to find a French bakery with a classically trained pastry chef that makes everything from macarons to croissants, and from tarts to napoleans. French restaurants will have the best French bakeries, so be sure to phone appropriate restaurants and ask if they have a trained pastry chef on their premises.

The Best French Bakeries Make Sweet and Savory Menu Items

When we think of French bakeries, little cakes often come to mind. But don’t forget that top patisseries also have savory options. For example, sandwiches using croissants are classic French staples, and the best French bakery will have a vegetarian, pork or steak option, as true to tradition. They should also offer French bread to be enjoyed on site, or to take home. As for sweet items at a French bakery, look for variety. Cheese, fruit, nuts and chocolate should be features as ingredients throughout the menu. For example, the best French bakery will appease to all taste buds and cravings by offering pastries ranking from sponge cakes with vanilla and cream to almond cream tarts, and from coffee cake to pistachio macarons, look for a wide variety of pastry options that encompass a number of flavors.

Look for a French Bakery Austin Spot with a Great Coffee Menu

If you are stopping in for a pastry and you intend to enjoy a coffee beverage with it, look for a bar menu of coffee beverages that’s expansive and pays homage to the diversity of the pastries. While some pastries are best served with an iced coffee or a latte, others are best served with a cappuccino or an espresso. The quality of the beans should be high, and reflect a common type used in France, so be sure to ask where their coffee is sourced and what brand it is.

Follow all of these directives, and you will surely find the best French bakery Austin has to offer!